Monsters are coming to space

2666 AI generated pixel art monsters are roaming through the cosmos, waiting for their new masters

MonsTerra is the first completely AI generated image NFT project on Terra and it brings 2666 pixel art monsters to space. Every NFT monster has a set of traits where each trait is selected randomly from a list of trait values with different probabilities (rarities). However, these traits are not preset images/templates they are simply text prompts! Combining these text prompts and a random seed, pixel art monsters are generated from scratch. These monsters are in a sense, a mix of 1:1 and generative NFTs.



We create monsters (sounds pretty sinister once you think about it) by combining the following traits, with each trait value in the pool having a probability of occurring based on it's respective rarity:

  • Color: This trait defines the overall color of your monster regardless of whether it has a skin, fur or you know, tentacles. There are 12 possible trait values. The 12th color trait, Cerulean, was added into the trait pool by the community!

  • Affinity: Determines the overall characteristic of your monster. We know this sounds abstract so here are some examples: Fire/Ice/Divine/Cursed.. and the list goes on but we don’t want to spoil it. In total there are 25 affinities! Community voted on the final Affinity trait to be Cosmic.

  • Species: The final trait is of course the species of the monster. For this one, we have everything ranging from pop culture monsters to mythological beasts summing up to a total of 51 monster species! Here are a few examples without spoiling things too much: Zombie/Cyclops/Medusa (should be gorgon but who cares about the technical details)/Griffin. Community choice for this trait was Anubis.

These traits combined are able to create more than 15,000 monsters. However, they are not the only thing that determines the rarity and appearance of a monster.


The generation algorithm is built on top of pixray by dribnet. After the Color, Affinity and Species of a monster are chosen, it's time for the random seed to shine. This seed is unique for every monster in the collection and influences the outputted image. Thanks to this seed, the generation process becomes non-deterministic, which means that same prompt (Color + Affinity + Species) will produce different results. Which allows for infinite amount of possibilities. This also means that there's an unquantifiable rarity on top of the programmed rarity via the 3 traits. Essentially allowing a monster to be a mix of 1:1 and generative NFT. For example here are two Gray Wind Satyr's. Which one is worth more? There's no clear cut answer, artistic perception of the buyers in the secondary market will decide.


Trait Contests, where winners get a monster generated by the community.

Community whitelist (No details will be given for this one but it's not an XP whitelist)

Whitelist events and a puzzle/short story that builds out the lore of the monsters. Summing up to a whitelist of 666 people who can each mint 1 monster ahead of the public sale

The mint is currently planned to take place in October on Talis Protocol. Exact date is TBD.

Team has more NFT projects planned and there will be airdrop and whitelist raffles/entries for monster holders. These might be solo projects or collaborations with other NFT projects in the Terra ecosystem.

We want to keep building on top of MonsTerra and also encourage the community to build on top of MonsTerra: create projects, games, stories, add to the lore behind the monsters while also rewarding the monster holders by increasing the value of the monsters.


Since the images are AI generated, they can get vague at times. To avoid really vague images, we enforce a minimum quality policy where images have to at least represent the monster species, else the generated image is discarded. To be transparent and allow you to have a general idea of what you are buying when you mint a monster, the image gallery below does not consist of the best generated monsters and instead they were selected randomly from the monsters currently in the collection. The resolution of each NFT is 800x448 pixels.